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Wilton Brute Force C-Clamps are ideal for heavy construction and fabrication. Brute Force C-Clamps boast a drop forged frame, black oxide coating, and clamping, pressure ranging up to 40,000 lbs. Spindles are full length, machined from a single piece of square, cold drawn steel tempered and hardened. Square spindle heads stand up to heavy wrench tightening.

A: Drop Forged Frame: USA Made Steel is Heat Treated For Greater Strength Under Heavy Load

B: Black Oxide Coating: Spindles are treated to Resist Corrosion

C: Highest Clamping Pressure: Ranging Up to 40,000 lbs. Standing Up to the Demands of the Heaviest Industrial Applications


  • 3-FC, Full Closing Spindle, 0" to 3-3/8" Jaw Opening, 2-3/8" Throat Depth
  • The full closing, extra heavy duty models are designed to stand up to the demands of heavy industrial applications like those encountered in bridge building
  • Hot upset square head on spindle withstands higher torque
  • Square-head spindle has large diameter rolled thread and hardened point which provides smoother operation and added strength
  • Black oxide coated spindle resists corrosion
  • Clamping pressure ranging up to 40,000 lbs.


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