Monofilament Polypropylene (3-Strand) Rope

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Polypropylene is the lightest and least expensive synthetic rope with approximately twice the tensile strength of manila. Polypropylene rope will not rot or mildew, is resistant to most chemicals and acids and floats in salt and fresh water. Polypropylene rope can be stored wet.

  • Orion uses only virgin resin, sourced from domestic producers
  • At delivery, resin is tested for physical consistency in Orion's state of the art laboratory
  • UV stabilizers are added on request
  • Extruded fiber is batch tested in Orion's lab for tenacity, elongation and weather durability
  • Roping uses three-stage (below 1-1/2" dia.) and four-stage (1-1/2" and above) plied yarn construction
  • Meets or exceeds Cordage Institute specifications, and is shipped on Orion’s high-impact molded reels or in coils
  • Excellent coilability
  • Does not hockle

Monofilament Polypropylene (3-Strand) Rope Specifications

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