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Cortland Puget Sound Logo Puget Sound Rope Slings Patented Plasma® (High Modulus PolyEthylene)


  • Lowest price large diameter synthetic fiber lifting slings
  • No upper length limitations
  • Lightweight and easy handling
  • Good D:d ratios and bend fatigue
  • Can be quickly fabricated on site
  • Chafe gear options for specific wear points
  • Can be directly coupled to hardware
  • Custom design per application
  • Inspectability and repair
  • Successful uses in heavy lift replacing wire rope


Surface overhead crane lifting slings (below-the-hook) for: wind farm installation, towers and props; industrial material movement or transfer, power turbines, etc.; shipyards

Offshore & subsea lifting: installation of suction piles, anchors, support structures, manifolds, buoys, etc.; load transfer and pull-in operations; jackets


  • Lightweight versus wire rope slings
  • Low D: d ratio efficiencies
  • High flex fatigue and abrasion resistance
  • Available in eye-to-eye or grommet sling configurations
  • Long lengths available with or without termination hardware
  • Secure splice terminations
  • Easily inspected and repaired
  • Durable wear protection options available
  • RFID tagging available

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