Nylon & Polyester* Web Slings: Heavy-Duty Webbing Type TT & Type TC Loop Eye

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TT1 & TT2 Specifications

  • Web thickness of “Heavy-Duty” web is approximately 3/16".
  • Eye length of Flat Eye and Twisted Eye varies with sling width and number of webbing piles.

Loop Eye Table

Tapering: Flat, Twisted Eye and Endless Slings are tapered at 3" and wider unless specified differently when ordering.
Treatment: Unless requested, all slings will have an abrasion resistant treatment applied. Polyester slings are without this treatment.
* Please Note: Polyester webbing is not available over 10" wide.

Type TT1 & Type TT2 Loop Eye Web Sling Specifications

Type TT1 & Type TT2 Loop Eye Web Sling Specifications

Three and four-ply slings are available.

** TT can not be used in a choker hitch.

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