Technora® 12 Strand

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Technora® 12 Strand is made with high strength light weight Technora® fiber. The 12 strand braided construction is torque free, and easy to splice. Technora® 12 is extremely heat and flex fatigue resistant. It has no creep making it a good choice for applications with high static loads including mooring cables, hoisting cables, and tower guy wires. Technora® 12 Strand is delivered standard with a black polyurethane coating.

Features & Benefits:

  • Very high heat resistance
  • Zero creep
  • Very low stretch
  • Very high strength
  • Soft hand
  • Torque free
  • Easy splicing


  • Theatrical rigging lines
  • Utility winch and pulling lines
  • Recreational vehicle winch lines
  • Tower guy wires

Technora® 12 Strand

* Value based on data supplied by the fiber manufacturer for new, dry fiber
Tensile Strengths are determined in accordance with Cordage Institute 1500.2. Test Methods for Fiber Rope. Minimum Tensile Strength (MTS) published assumes spliced eye terminations at each end of the rope. Weights actually calculated at linear density under stated preload (200d2) plus 4%. Diameter and circumference size published is nominal and reflects rope size after loading (10 cycles) to 50% of MTS. Spectra® is a Trademark of Honeywell.

Technora® 12 Strand Specifications

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