Stainless Steel Safety Hoist Rings

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Stainless Steel Safety Hoist Rings
  • Actek swivel hoist rings are designed for lifting. They rotate and pivot to absorb any pitch, roll or sway of unbalanced loads. Will not yield to heavy side loads. Help prevent the lifting hook from disengaging.
  • Safety Engineered. All loads lifted are especially important from a safety standpoint. Actek swivel hoist rings provide the kind of safety that protects men and material against accidents before they occur.
  • For use in outdoor weather and certain chemical and corrosive environments.
  • Material: 300 Series Stainless Steel.
  • Safety Factor: 5:1.
  • Liquid Penetrant MIL 6866.

Available in sizes from:

  • Standard Sizes:
    - Thread sizes from 5/16"-18 to 3-1/2"-4
    - Rated load from 400 to 50,000 pounds
  • Metric Sizes:
    - Thread sizes from M8 x 1.25 to M90 x 6.00
    - Rated load from 200 kg to 22,300 kg


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