Four-Leg Bridle Mechanically Spliced Wire Rope Slings

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All wire rope diameters in inches. All capacities in tons of 2,000 lbs. All eye and fitting dimensions in inches.

Four-Leg Bridle Mechanically Spliced Slings

* Rated Capacities Basket Hitch based on D/d ratio of 25.
** Working Load Limit.
Rated Capacities based on pin diameter no larger than natural eye width or less than the nominal sling diameter.
Sling angles less than 30° shall not be used.
Sling angles in this catalog depart from the traditional method of vertical angles measured at the sling hook. It has long been the opinion of sling users that it is easier to measure a sling angle relative to the ground or horizontal. The method is the same whichever angle is used. When the horizontal angle is used you, must use the trigonometric cosine of the vertical angle.

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