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Warehousing & Distribution

FHS Serves Warehousing & Distribution

FHS, Inc. provides solutions for all facets of warehousing and distribution.

FHS, Inc. is a nationwide material handling systems integrator proudly serving all 50 states, Mexico, and Canada. Our experienced team allows us to partner with our customers to evaluate specific requirements and design needs and provide them with a custom and cost-effective solution. Whether it is an installation of a new custom-designed distribution center, or a reconstruction of an existing facility, FHS, Inc. is dedicated to accompanying you through the entire process. We’re here to assist you in the initial planning, design, ROI justification, engineering, and integration processes — all the way through to post-project support.

FHS, Inc. also designs and implements storage solutions for a variety of industries focusing on warehousing and manufacturing applications. FHS, Inc. includes a team of highly experienced expert designers, engineers, sales engineers, and project managers who all strive to deliver our clients’ projects “On-Time and “On-Budget”. From simple casters and hand trucks, standard selective and drive-in pallet racking, to innovative storage technologies and solutions, we can provide a variety of warehouse products to solve any obstacle that may be encountered.

Aggregate Mining Operations

FHS Serves Mining Operations

FHS, Inc. manages aggregate mining operations industry challenges.

Aggregate mining including phosphate and chemical facilities present challenging applications. The adverse atmospheric conditions create unique challenges for service and application. FHS is the #1 service and equipment supplier for phosphate and chemical facilities. Our Special Services and Mining Division is made up of a unique group of individuals who have years of combined experience managing the reliability and safety of these unique plant machines. Draglines make up a large percentage of our Special Services Division’s work load.

The overhead hoists and cranes in these massive machines are the lifeline to production. Vibration and heat is the enemy on these machines. Developing creative, advanced designs for both overhead bridge and hoist systems has FHS in the who’s who of critical overhead hoist and crane development. Control design on these big diggers brings the most advanced technology to the field of mining. Chemical and process plants associated with mining see their own gamma of issues. Atmospheric conditions including chemicals and water prove to be incredibly challenging. These conditions are no challenge to the expertise of FHS. Studies conducted by FHS have shown the value in an FHS industry specific planned maintenance program.

Power Generation

FHS Serves Power Generation

FHS, Inc. manages power generation industry challenges.

Large capacity turbine gantries and overhead cranes play a key role in the lifting and installation of turbines and other parts for power generation facilities. Turbine cranes require the most accurate positioning of loads during installation. With millions of dollars of equipment on the hook, you want an expert and reliable company. FHS integrates the advancement of technology in material handling along with leading manufacturers of overhead industrial machinery to provide the most advanced systems for these critical machines.

A reliable service companies and manufacturer of overhead cranes, FHS will ensure all the safety factors and adapt those to create the most beneficial and reliable equipment in industrial machinery. FHS continues its education in regulatory compliance for the nuclear power industry, as well as following all guidelines of the “quality standards and records”. Our goal, through preventive maintenance programs tailored to your facility’s needs, is to virtually eliminate downtime. There are few industries as critical as power generation. Our expert design and service is recognized throughout our industry. FHS stands ready to provide quick and reliable service.

Steel Industry

FHS Serves Steel Industry

FHS, Inc. manages steel industry challenges.

Steel distribution and fabrication facilities through-out the Southeast turn to FHS for design, manufacturing and installation of overhead cranes, jib and gantry cranes and material handling needs and can depend on highly qualified, well-prepared and timely service technicians. FHS has been a leader in this industry for many years, working with 50 plus steel warehouse, steel processing and steel fabrication clients.

FHS focuses intently on the application, duty cycles and handling needs of each customer, develops the best long term solution, and takes the opportunity to show the client return on investment with the purchase of their equipment needs. Whether it, is coil handling, bridge girder fabrication, steel distribution or any of the steel fabrication facilities, FHS is a trusted partner and leader in the industry.

FHS is proud to be a partner to the steel and service center industry, providing Class C, D and E cranes from 3-ton to 200-ton, long span cranes and complete turnkey projects including runways, electrification, installation and commissioning. FHS is your complete crane partner for the steel industry.

Steel Distribution

FHS Serves Steel Distribution

FHS is highly trained and qualified to serve the steel distribution industry.

Since the inception of FHS Inc., the steel distribution industry has played a key role in the growth and continued success for FHS and the many customers we have serviced for over 20 years. FHS has built its reputation with service with technicians who are highly trained and qualified in the types of applications required by this industry. FHS understands the critical nature of properly specified equipment, proper maintenance and the continued and uninterrupted service of the cranes, hoists, conveyors and all Material Handling needs of the steel industry.

FHS has built, installed and maintained cranes and hoists for steel distribution clients through-out the country, including Infra-Metals, Allied Crawford, Chatham Steel, Phoenix Metals, Kloeckner-Namasco, DuBose Steel, and Tampa Bay Steel ... just to name a few.

FHS Management and Project Engineers have spent thousands of hours working closely with our clients to understand the nature and needs of this industry, from true vertical lift hoists, Class D cranes, critical lifting dimensions, multiple hoist applications, jib and gantry cranes and other material handling equipment, to supplement our clients processing capabilities, including inside and outside weather sensitive operations, to develop standards which is expected and delivered to each and every crane, hoist, or material handling application.

FHS Inc. is proud to partner with the steel distribution industry and we look forward to working with new and demanding customers in the future.

Pulp & Paper Industry

FHS Serves Paper & Pulp Industry

FHS, Inc. manages pulp & paper industry challenges.

FHS is the industry leader when it comes to the material handling needs of the pulp and paper industry. With multiple years of experience working in paper mills, FHS understands these complex and often challenging environments. It is because of our experience that FHS is able to come up with solutions that are relevant and work in concert with the needs of our customers.

Services for pulp and paper to keep you operational.

Knowledge is a critical component in the proper application of material handling systems. Pulp and paper, with their unique environments, require specific knowledge in order to properly establish an adequate material handling system. FHS possesses that knowledge and our team of design professionals, engineers and technicians are prepared to address the challenges of the pulp and paper industry in a manner that not only solves a problem, but also leaves our customers with a sense of trust that their needs have been met with the quality that can be expected from an industry leader.

Other Business Areas:

FHS also serves these following areas:
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Phosphate & Other Mining Operations
  • Chemical Processing Facilities
  • Fabrication Plants
  • Bridge & Girder Fabrication Plants
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Sugar Refining
  • Barge & Boat Builders
  • Aerospace
  • Engine Assembly Plants
  • Prestressed Concrete Facilities
  • Waste to Energy Facilities
  • Automobile / Transportation Support Facilities

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