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Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

FHS Conveyor Systems / Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

The Problem:

SGWS had a huge problem with oddball picks. Their associates were required to retrieve these oddball picks from all levels of their 5 level pick modules 200-300 times a day and physically walk them to the main floor level. These cases could weigh up to 100 lbs. which created an ergonomic issue and became a safety risk for these associates.

The Solution:

  • FHS, Inc. worked together with the Regional Group Services Engineer, to evaluate options for a safer operation.
  • FHS, Inc. engineered, designed provided and installed a “Turn-Key” Vertical Conveyor System for both pick modules. SGWS wanted to maintain the footprint of both modules which required these conveyors to be installed inside their perimeter. FHS, Inc. provided all materials and construction work to located these units within the constraints of the modules.
  • As a bonus to this operation, through very complex PLC controls, we provided SGWS with the ability to reverse the conveyors allowing the associates to not only retrieve the oddball cases but restock these areas as well.

Americo Manufacturing

FHS Conveyor Systems / Americo Manufacturing

The Problem:

Americo Manufacturing’s business was exploding which required them to install more manufacturing lines. Because of the space used by the new manufacturing lines, they needed additional storage for warehousing.

The Solution:

  • FHS, Inc. worked together with owners, operations and warehouse executives to evaluate the existing space and design a way to achieve additional storage space in the existing building.
  • Designed a solution that included a pre-fabricated mezzanine installed in an adjacent building.
  • Designed a conveyor system and support structure to convey manufactured goods from the production floor across to the adjacent building and onto the new mezzanine.
  • Provided the design, engineering, materials and installation of all conveyors, support structures and the 20,000 SF mezzanine.
  • This resulted in Americo’s ability to utilize their existing facility without having to outsource or build new facilities, saving potential construction and utility costs.

BrandsMart U.S.A.

FHS Conveyor Systems / BrandsMart U.S.A.

The Problem:

BrandsMart USA is a large electronics and appliance retailer located in Georgia and South Florida. Each of their stores are designed to showcase small electronics in the center of the showcase floor. Their challenge was that this area turned 6 times per day and they needed a way to get product from their store warehouse to the small appliance floor.

The Solution:

  • Worked together with owners, operations and warehouse executives to provide a way to re-stock the store floor without interfering with customers shopping.
  • Designed a solution that included a quiet and energy efficient MDR conveyor system that conveyed the small appliances overhead through the store in a glass enclosure to a MDR spiral decline conveyor in the center of the showcase floor.
  • Provided all materials, engineering and design along with the installation during off hours eliminating any disruption to store operations.
  • Engineered, designed and installed the glass enclosures around the overhead conveyors and the base of the spiral.
  • The project was so successful that BrandsMart installed the systems in all of their existing Florida stores and all 5 new Georgia stores.
  • The systems became a conversation piece for all of their customers as the working conveyors and spiral were visible immediately upon entering the stores.

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