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The Exosphere Anchor 4X4 All-Terrain Mobile Fall Protection System

The Exosphere Anchor 4X4 All-Terrain System is the solution for workers exposed to fall arrest hazards in industries across the country, where traditional products just can not handle to job. This is a versatile system that will increase productively, reduce lost time, and prevent injuries. All while guaranteeing the absolute highest level of fall protection.

FHS The Exosphere

The Exosphere Anchor 4X4 All-Terrain system is a self-contained hydraulic system that is operated via wireless (or wired) remote control. Driving, setup and Anchor height adjusting is all carried out with a simple to follow remote control.

FHS The Exosphere 2

Unprecedented 4 stage telescoping mast, adjustable 42 ft (12.8m) anchor point height and a variety of anchor options; 1-4 person, 54 inch (1.3m) to 94 inch (2.3 m). Heavy duty skid steer tire, four (4) emergency stop switches, audible warning alarm, Hi-vis strobe lights, Heavy duty leveling jacks and a manual rescue system are some of the standard features built into the Exosphere Anchor 4X4 system.


  • Lightweight: 7,400 (3,363 kg)
  • Easy, fast setup time
  • Energy absorbing design
  • Category 20

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