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Overhead Crane Runway Alignment

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Protecting the Life of Your Overhead Crane

One of the things that has a tendency to be over looked most during overhead crane inspections, and is the most crucial, is crane runway alignment. It is important to spend the upfront cost to have the runway aligned correctly, so that over time it does not wear the wheels of the crane out, costing you more money. At FHS / Mazzella Hoist & Crane Service, we are going to do it right the first time with the least disruption to your manufacturing process.

FHS Overhead Crane Runway Alignment

FHS / Mazzella Hoist & Crane Service's trained technicians and installers can examine your runway system and perform a detailed evaluation of its condition in the following areas, as required per CMAA (Crane Manufacturers Association of America) to determine the condition and accuracy of all criteria involved for proper and safe bridge crane travel and operation:

  • Crane Span: to verify span is within nominal tolerance throughout the entire length of the runway system and also within maximum tolerance in increments along the length,

  • Straightness: within allowable tolerance in either direction from true center line of rail / runway,

  • Elevation: verify allowable elevation variances above or below established level elevation line of the rail / runway,

  • Rail to Rail Elevation: any variances in elevation from one side of the runway system to the other must fall within allowable tolerances to ensure level and safe bridge crane travel.

FHS / Mazzella Hoist & Crane Service takes great pride when also designing and installing a new runway system to meet all the required criteria. Safety, reliability, minimal wheel wear, and long term overhead crane operation are among the numerous benefits and rewards of a properly aligned and constructed runway system.

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