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Overhead bridge cranes, which are often called overhead cranes or bridge cranes, are elevated cranes that move material across industrial environments. The overhead crane consists of three main parts: parallel runways, a hoist that lifts material up and down and carries material left to right, and a bridge that connects the runways and moves the hoist forward and backward.

Many industries, including mining, citrus, steel, automotive, aviation, aerospace, marine, railroad, and utility, use overhead cranes for their manufacturing and maintenance operations. If efficiency and downtime are critical factors in your material-handling facilities, consider the following types of overhead bridge cranes from FHS.

FHS Overhead Bridge Cranes

Types of Overhead Bridge Cranes

Top Running Bridge Cranes

Top running bridge cranes includes a rail installed on top of each runway, and the bridge wheels move on the rail instead of the runways. These cranes are supported by the building structure or floor columns. They are ideal for moving extremely heavy loads, and they can be designed in single-girder or double-girder configurations. Both configurations are equally reliable and durable. However, the double-girder top running bridge crane is ideal when extremely high hook height is necessary. Additionally, each configuration has unique benefits and is equipped to handle different load capacities, spans, and types of service.

Single-Girder Bridge Cranes

  • Low deadweight
  • More overhead space
  • High speed
  • Low production cost
  • Low price
Typical Load Capacity:

.25 – 20 tons

Typical Span:

Under 65 feet

Typical Service:


Double-Girder Bridge Cranes

  • Better hook height
  • Most overhead space
  • More lift
  • High Speed
Typical Load Capacity:

20 – 400 tons

Typical Span:

Over 65 feet

Typical Service:


Underhung Bridge Cranes

Underhung bridge cranes, which are often called under running bridge cranes, allow you to maximize your facility’s floor space for production and storage because they are supported from the ceiling trusses or the roof structure. Like top running bridge cranes, underhung bridge cranes can be designed in single-girder or double-girder configurations. However, underhung bridge cranes are ideal for moving lighter loads generally, so the double-girder configurations are typically used to move only loads of maximum capacity, which is around 10 tons.

The FHS Difference

FHS is one of the leading overhead crane manufacturers in the Southeast. For 20 years, FHS has been designing overhead bridge cranes of all sizes. 5 ton bridge cranes, 10 ton bridge cranes, 20 ton bridge cranes — you name it, we’ve designed it. Our designs range in levels of complexity, too. From a simple crane that lifts machines out of a truck to a crane that lifts and moves all types of watercraft to a particularly challenging crane we specially designed to fit into a 3 foot restrictive area, FHS cranes solve manufacturing and maintenance problems in the real world.

We talk for free, and we design for free.

If you’re ready to talk to us about the overhead bridge crane needs in your facility, we’re ready to talk to you, too. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We will visit your facility and design a crane system that meets your needs — all for free.

Keep reading to learn more about how FHS stays ahead of the competition.

We don’t just engineer. We customize.

We use CAD/CAM technology to optimize our designs, and we specifically customize duty cycles, close headroom, and the radio control system to meet the unique needs of your application.

We design and fabricate. We install and service.

We design and fabricate every piece of equipment except for the hoist, and we install and service all our overhead cranes. We like being responsible for every step of the manufacturing, installation, and service process because, you know who to contact, if you do have a problem with an FHS crane.

We offer an incredible warranty.

We offer a two-year warranty — double the industry’s standard warranty — which covers defects in manufacturing and workmanship because we believe that a better product deserves a better warranty.

We lead in material handling distribution.

We are a CMCO Platinum Distributor and a Harrington Master Distributor, and we can provide parts and service for all the top hoist and end truck manufacturers in the United States.

We value safety, inspection, and training.

Overhead crane safety is one of our priorities. FHS has formed its own safety company, Safety Solutions and Supply, to stay up to date on all safety regulations and procedures. We ensure that all of our installers and service technicians are certified by OSHA and MSHA. Additionally, every hoist is inspected and load-tested in the factory before it is shipped, and our crane systems are inspected and load-tested in the manufacturing facility, per OSHA and MSHA regulations.

Training is just as important as safety and inspection. We personally train every person who will use our overhead cranes, and in some cases, we train people to train their coworkers.

We are available to help 24/7.

We include detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions and a 1-800 help number with every order. To ensure the highest level of service, fabricators, engineers, and electricians are available to answer your questions.

Employing 42 full-time, certified service technicians, FHS is available and prepared to help our customers around the clock. Our service technicians are equipped with man lifts, and they are stocked with a wide variety of replacement parts.

Call 1-800-664-3380 for a free consultation!

We will visit your location and discuss an overhead crane system that meets your specific needs.

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