Does OSHA require a hook with a safety latch for an overhead lift? It’s a question we can’t get away from, because there is no clear answer from any industry organization or regulating authority.

In this podcast we cover:

  • Why are there different stances on safety latches? (1:25)
  • What specifically does OSHA say about a hook with a safety latch? (2:09) 
  • With OSHA and ASME around, why is there confusion? (2:50)
  • Best practices for a hook with a safety latch (3:53)

We also cover:

  • What is the Mazzella Companies stance on latches? (4:32)
  • Do our guys think the OSHA policy is clear enough? (5:11)
  • How do “should” and “shall” affect our industry? (6:23)
  • What can you do to determine whether or not you should put a safety latch on your hook? (7:19)

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