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Rigging Products & Testing For Nuclear Plant Construction

Mazzella Lifting Technologies / Mazzella Charlotte Turnbuckle & Shackle Testing

Mazzella Lifting Technologies (Charlotte) provided Twin-Path® slings, shackles and turnbuckles used in the construction of a new nuclear facility. All products were tested at the Mazzella Cleveland facility. Adam Franz (General Manager in Charlotte) and Len Plagens (Sales Specialist in Cleveland) worked with the customer on all levels of the project.

Lifting Straps for Iconic Statue at Michigan State University

The statue of Michigan State great and Lansing native, Magic Johnson, that stands outside the Breslin Center was moved as part of an ongoing construction project at the facility. To ensure the lift was a success a 500-ton crane was brought in and the statue was hoisted out using Mazzella lifting straps. The statue weighs approximately 187,000 pounds.

The 12-foot bronze statue had been placed in that location since 2003 and is titled "Always a Champion," to commemorate Johnson's championships at the high school, college, professional and Olympic levels. It cost $250,000 and was funded by private donations.

Large Mazzella 7-Part Slings for Cracking Tower Lift

Mazzella Lifting Technologies / Mazzella 7-Part Slings for Cracking Tower Lift

Mazzella Lifting Technologies fabricated two large Mazzella 7-Part Slings used to lift a cracking tower in Jewett, Ohio. The slings were made from 2-inch component rope. With a 6-inch finished diameter, each sling had a vertical lifting capacity of 227 tons (454,000 pounds). The slings measured 15 feet in length and had 70-inch eyes. Four riggers completed and proof tested the slings in the same day.

Rigging for Scoreboard Project

Mazzella Lifting Technologies / Rigging For Scoreboard Project

Mazzella Companies (Mazzella Lifting Technologies, Mazzella Crane Service & Progressive Crane) joined forces to tackle a significant scoreboard upgrade at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. The upgrade required service and an assortment of rigging products to dead hang the scoreboard from the structure!

The scoreboard made its debut at Quicken Loans Arena on October 30, 2014. It weighs approximately 71,000 lbs. and cost $9,357,611. The four-sided, center-hung scoreboard has four enormous HD video screens that are tilted and uniquely curved. The two sideline screens measure 31.50 feet high by 56.69 feet wide and feature greater-than-HD video. The two high-resolution baseline screens measure 29.92 feet high by 33.07 feet wide. Fans find themselves sitting in front of 5,550 total square feet of LED technology—the largest HD scoreboard in any arena in the country!

Rigging for Gilmerton Bridge Project

Mazzella Lifting Technologies / Rigging For Gilmerton Bridge Project

The original bridge, built in 1938, is a four-lane double leaf bascule bridge. The bridge is travelled by over 35,000 motorists daily. It is owned and operated by the City of Chesapeake, VA.

Mazzella Lifting Technologies moved 140 tons of wire rope on 14 flat beds for the bridge project. The new lift span bridge will be elevated using 96, 2-1/4" x 179ꞌ main counterweight ropes and 8, 1" x 82ꞌ auxiliary counterweight ropes to allow larger maritime vessels through the waterway, which are not passable in the closed position, and descend to close for motorist traffic. The bridge widening will ease the traffic congestion on Hampton Roads. It will also accommodate the future widening of Military Highway from four to six lanes. Taller vertical clearance will support maritime access of modern ships to the region and decrease the amount of bridge lifts per year, as most leisure crafts will pass under the bridge in the closed position.

Mazzella 7-Part Slings & Rigging Hardware for One of Ohio’s Largest Tunnel Projects

Mazzella Lifting Technologies / 7-Part Slings & Rigging Hardware For Tunnel Project

Crews lowered the 27 ft. (8 m) diameter Herrenknecht TBM in place to excavate the three mile Euclid Creek Storage Tunnel. It took several hours to position the machine down the 200ꞌ shaft to prepare it to begin boring.

Adjustable Bail Lift Beam for Locomotive Body Lift

Mazzella Lifting Technologies / Adjustable Bail Lift Beam For Locomotive Body Lift

The customer called for a 4 ton, 4 point, adjustable bail lift beam to remove locomotive bodies. Each body had its own unique center of gravity. The lift points are all in the same points, which presents a problem with the need to raise perfectly level. With an adjustable crank bail, the load can be located over the center of gravity and accomplish the customer’s difficult task.

Rigging for Tunneling Project (8-Point Pick)

Mazzella Lifting Technologies / Slings & Rigging For Tunnel Project

Mazzella Lifting Technologies Cleveland provided combo slings to a steel customer for a large 8-point pick in Delta, OH.

The customer needed to make two lifts with the slings. The first lift was the smaller of the two. The customer also needed to make some additional adjustments. The second lift was larger and customer had to make even more adjustments. Shackles could not help with this lift. To accommodate the lift, it was decided to remove the four inside legs and re-connect the legs directly to the master link onsite. This provided a more stable lift and allowed all eight legs to share the load. The second lift was 67 tons and it had to be lifted over a 225’ hole in the ground. The modification and lift went as planned and customer was very pleased!

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