Built-Up Hoists

Built up hoists are highly-engineered and completely integrated systems that are used primarily on higher duty cycle crane systems. These hoist systems operate on process cranes and are built to withstand high-output production and demanding industrial environments. No two built up hoist systems are alike as they’re completely customized for the job at hand.

Some of the applications where a built up hoist might be utilized include:

  • Automation
  • Bucket hoists
  • Ladle and charging hoists
  • Explosion proof hoists
  • Magnet service
  • Wet and dry end paper-mill service
  • Turbine handling
  • Critical lifts
  • Die flipping and metal coil handling

On a built up hoist, all of the components are specifically engineered for a specific purpose and are designed to last a very long time. These are systems that do one thing very well and they thrive in applications where a complex lift is needed. It’s not unreasonable to see built up hoists that can stay in service for 40 years or more when they’re designed properly!

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Components & Details of Built-Up Hoists:Built-Up Hoists

Hoist Reducer
  • Housing – horizontal split, all steel fabricated housing, stress-relieved, machined, foot mounted, over-sized inspection cover.
  • Shafting – SAE 4340 high alloy steel, through hardened.
  • Gearing – All helical, AGMA diametral pitches, full fillet, 25 degree pressure angles, SAE 4140 high alloy steel, through hardened, 35/44 RC.
  • Bearings – Double row spherical, self-aligning, minimum 15,000 hour L10 bearing life based on CMAA requirements.
  • Bearing Capsules – all bearings are housed in their own steel capsules.
  • Seals – Taconite style seals (double seals) on input and output running against a carburized and ground seal sleeve.
  • Lubrication – ISO VG220 gear oil.
  • Sight Gauges – Included.
  • Drain Valves – Included.
  • Breathers – Canister type.
Drum Couplers
  • Construction – Gear type coupling, AIST compliant.
  • Service Factor – 1.75 minimum.
  • Mounting – Flange mounted into a counter-bore machined into the drum flange.
Cable Drums
  • Construction – All steel construction, flanges and drum are machined to a close tolerance fit between members. Flanges are locked onto the drum tube and then completely welded together.
  • Flanges – Pre-machined for location during welding, final machined after welding to eliminate distortion created during the welding process.
  • Shaft – Low carbon, low alloy shaft material is used to insure a fatigue resistant weld and eliminate the need for complicated and procedurally sensitive welding procedures. Shaft is machined after welding is complete.
  • Grooving – Standard 3/8 depth, 125 mirco-inch finish or better, 1/2 or full depth grooving also available – Heat treated grooves available as an option.
  • Cable Clamps – Formed steel pieces, double bolted, machined to fit.
Hoist Holding Brake
  • Construction – AC Thruster, Industrial Duty shoe type, other types are available upon request.
  • Torque – 150% motor torque as a standard.
  • Brake Wheel – Ductile iron, completely machined and balanced.
Upper Limit Switches
  • Construction – 1686, weighted type.
  • Mounting – Mounted to the top of the trolley deck.
Hoist Motor
  • Construction – Flux Vector, 60 min, Class “H” Ins, TENV, Klixon, foot mounted, 1.15 service factor, NEMA frame.
  • Mounting – Mounting – Via machined mounting pads.
Motor Couplings
  • Construction – Gear type coupling, AIST complaint.
Geared Limit Switch
  • Construction – 3 pole geared limit, two upper and one lower limit, switch is driven by a jaw coupling attached to the drum shaft.
Trolley Frame
  • Construction – one piece weldment, all steel members, gusseted to create low deflections and to eliminate stress, coped and fitted following good construction practices.
  • Welding – Meets all aspects of AWS D14.1
Drum Pillow-Block Bearings & Pedestal
  • Construction – Piloted flange, double row spherical type, capable of handling angular misalignments created during loading.
  • Steel construction, machined to accept the piloted flange, permanently welded to the trolley structure, no alignment needed during drum installation or removal


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