Cortland Synthetic Fiber Rope Slings


  • Surface overhead crane lifting slings (below-the-hook) for: wind farm installation, towers and props; industrial material movement or transfer, power turbines, etc.; shipyards
  • Offshore & subsea lifting: installation of suction piles, anchors, support structures, manifolds, buoys, etc.; load transfer and pull-in operations; jackets


  • Lightweight versus wire rope slings
  • Low D: d ratio efficiencies
  • High flex fatigue and abrasion resistance
  • Available in eye-to-eye or grommet sling configurations
  • Long lengths available with or without termination hardware
  • Secure splice terminations
  • Easily inspected and repaired
  • Durable wear protection options available
  • RFID tagging available



  • Lowest price large diameter synthetic fiber lifting slings
  • No upper length limitations
  • Lightweight and easy handling
  • Good D:d ratios and bend fatigue
  • Can be quickly fabricated on site
  • Chafe gear options for specific wear points
  • Can be directly coupled to hardware
  • Custom design per application
  • Inspectability and repair
  • Successful uses in heavy lift replacing wire rope



Cortland is a global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of technologically advanced ropes, slings, and strength members. Collaborating with customers, our team uses its experience in high performance materials and market knowledge to transform ideas into proven products. In 1979, we began as Puget Sound Rope, founded on the premise that high performance fibers and new technology could be used to replace wire rope in 1979. For almost 40 years, our custom-built solutions have been developed to work in the toughest environments and overcome some of the world’s greatest challenges. They consistently enable our customers to meet the demands of the aerospace, defense, medical, research, subsea, marine, and energy industries.

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