Harrington TCS Cheetah Air Hoist

1/4, 1/2 and 1 Ton Capacities with 10-Foot Standard Lift—Longer lifts are available.

Harrington TCS Cheetah air hoists have extremely fast and uniquely adjustable lifting and lowering speeds. These hoists are lightweight, compact and have outstanding feathering ability, making them a perfect fit for fast-paced assembly line and workstation crane applications.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Unlimited Duty Cycle—For continuous operation
  • Spring-Loaded Multi-Vane Motor Design—Permits very fine feathering control
  • Extremely Fast Lifting—For applications where speed is critical
  • Extremely Compact and Lightweight Body—Cast aluminum body allows for easy operation, transportation and storage
  • External Speed Adjustment Screw—No tools required to set specific speeds
  • Adjustable Lifting and Lowering Speeds—Increases production capabilities
  • Heavy-duty Disc Motor Brake System—For reliable load support
  • Low Noise Levels—Adds to operator comfort
  • Nickel-Plated Load

TCS Cheetah Air Powered Hoists Specs


We do repairs in-house and stock a full line of parts.



Recognized as a market leader and innovator in the hoist and crane industry, Harrington Hoists, Inc. provides a wide variety of lifting solutions for many industrial applications. Our top quality products include electric and air powered chain hoists and trolleys, electric wire rope hoists and trolleys, lever hoists, manual hand chain hoists, push and geared trolleys, overhead cranes, crane accessories and a full line of replacement parts. Harrington Hoists, Inc. is ISO 9001 certified.
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