Slingmax® Twin-Path® Extra Slings & Twin-Path® Extra Covermax® Slings

Overload Indicators: Twin-Path® Extra and Twin-Path® Extra Covermax slings are the first and only slings of any kind to be manufactured with built-in overload indicators. If the tell-tails shrink to where 1/2″ or less is exposed, this is an indication that the sling has been overloaded and the sling should be removed from service immediately.

In other words, when 1/2″ or less of the tails are visible, this is an indication that the sling has been overloaded. Other roundslings and web slings provide no such warning or inspection mechanism before failing or breaking. This lack of warning and inspection device greatly contributes to the potential for catastrophic failure.

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Patented Back-up Protection: Twin-Path® Extra and Twin-Path® Extra Covermax slings are actually two complete and separate slings in one. Each path makes its own separate connection between the hook and the load. We do not recommend the use of damaged slings, but chances are good that if damage to one of the paths went undetected that, unlike web slings or other roundslings, you would have sufficient reaction time to maintain control of the load. Only Twin-Path® Extra and Twin-Path® Extra Covermax provide this security.


Ease of Inspection: The Twin-Path® Extra and Twin-Path® Extra Covermax provide an early warning and inspection mechanism. The load carrying yarns never come into contact with the load. There is no wear to them as long as the protective outer covers remain intact. Twin-Path® and Twin-Path® Covermax slings have two independent covers that are color coded for easy inspection.

When the outer cover is cut, the red inner cover instantly becomes visible, providing the sling user with a visual alert to remove the sling from service and send it to the manufacturer for inspection and repair. Damage which exposes the inner load bearing yarns is one criteria for immediate removal from service for inspection and repair. Only Twin-Path® and Twin-Path® Covermax assure such a warning system.


Super Strong—Ultra Light: The Twin-Path® Extra and Twin-Path® Extra Covermax are manufactured with K-SpecTM core yarn—an incredible material that is many times stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight. Twin-Path® Extra and Twin-Path® Extra Covermax are ideal for helicopter and aerospace applications.



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Slingmax® Rigging Solutions is recognized worldwide for local service, quality and innovative solutions for the heavy lift and material handling market. We are your premier supplier of the most advanced high performance synthetic slings and multi-part wire rope slings on the market today.Mazzella / Slingmax® Lifting Slings Channel: VideosThe Slingmax organization consists of 37 independent companies, each exclusively licensed, trained and certified to manufacture, repair and test Slingmax® products.  Strategically located in 12 countries, our 45 full service manufacturing locations guarantee the same quality service and quick turnaround times our valued customers have come to depend on. Slingmax® currently holds over 50-patents and 100 trademarks worldwide, which include Check-Fast® inspection and Rifled Cover® Technology.  We are best known for our Twin-Path® roundsling, but we have numerous other patented rigging solutions including machinery, rigging hardware and electronic warning indicators for roundslings, to name a few. No matter where your next heavy lift job takes you, whether it’s North America or abroad, you can count on a local Slingmax manufacturing location to service your needs.
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