Slingmax® Twin-Path® Two-Leg Bridles

Simply the lightest and strongest synthetic bridles in the world today. These are perfect to replace existing chain and wire rope bridles. The Twin-Path® synthetic bridle with K-Spec® core yarn is less than half the weight of any steel assembly and is the ergonomic bridle of the future, here today. The loop at the top goes on the crane hook and there is no heavy steel ring to deal with.

If you need a four leg bridle, just order two Twin-Path® Two-Leg bridles. Capacities to 200,000 lbs.

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Twin-Path® Two-Leg Bridles Specs



Slingmax® Rigging Solutions

Slingmax® Rigging Solutions is recognized worldwide for local service, quality and innovative solutions for the heavy lift and material handling market. We are your premier supplier of the most advanced high performance synthetic slings and multi-part wire rope slings on the market today.Mazzella / Slingmax® Lifting Slings Channel: VideosThe Slingmax organization consists of 37 independent companies, each exclusively licensed, trained and certified to manufacture, repair and test Slingmax® products.  Strategically located in 12 countries, our 45 full service manufacturing locations guarantee the same quality service and quick turnaround times our valued customers have come to depend on. Slingmax® currently holds over 50-patents and 100 trademarks worldwide, which include Check-Fast® inspection and Rifled Cover® Technology.  We are best known for our Twin-Path® roundsling, but we have numerous other patented rigging solutions including machinery, rigging hardware and electronic warning indicators for roundslings, to name a few. No matter where your next heavy lift job takes you, whether it’s North America or abroad, you can count on a local Slingmax manufacturing location to service your needs.
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