U.S. Government Products

We provide a wide array of products for the U.S. Government:

  • Twin-Path® Slings and Bridles
  • 4-Leg Nylon Web Boat Sling
  • Kevlar Rigid Inflatable Boat Hoisting Slings (Drawing 6015106602 REV B)
  • Shipboard Kevlar Lifeline Assemblies (Drawing 804-5959308)
  • Custom Printed Browskirts, Backdrops, Awnings and Covers
  • Peck & Hale tiedown and cargo securing
  • Belly bands for RHIB Boat—PC Class
  • Boat Gripe—MT3765-SS
  • Clear Hawse pendant
  • Dip rope assemblies
  • Vest davit hook, litter shackles and carpenter stopper
  • Ship hoisting and conveying equipment—NSTM 572
  • Chain Assemblies—chain stopper, bull chain and stern gate marriage chain

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