Mazzella Companies is proud to offer training to fill the needs of many of our industrial customers, our Crane Operator Class!

This class fits in as an integral part of an employer’s program to educate its employees in the safe operation of industrial overhead cranes.  This 8-hour class is mainly directed toward employees whose primary job responsibility is the operation of an overhead crane, introduction and training of employees to a new facility crane, and/or ongoing training of both new and experienced crane operators.

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Crane Operator Training Sections

Terms, Definitions and Risk Management

This section introduces and explains terms commonly used in regulatory documents from OSHA and ASME. Also discussed are the risks involved in the rigging and lifting of a load.

Crane Types and Components

Discussed are the different types of commonly used overhead cranes and their basic uses. Key overhead crane components are identified and explained.

Crane Inspections and Operator Requirements

This section addresses the different types of required inspections and how, who and how often they should be performed. Also discussed is the crane operator’s role and responsibility in the safe operation of an overhead crane.

Crane Operation

Here we highlight safe crane operation techniques as well as potentially dangerous situations that may develop during overhead crane use.

Lift Planning and Rigging Techniques

We need to integrate safe crane operation into the overall approach to a safe lift, so we must include a lift plan and be sure to understand some basic rigging techniques. Angles and hand signals are discussed.

On-Site Training

At this point, we apply the knowledge we have acquired in the class, and move to a crane location at the site (if available) and do some component identification, inspection practice, and even rig, lift and move some loads if practical.

Written Test

Each student will be tested individually, and the test answers will then be discussed as a group. This helps to highlight any questions or problems that need addition clarification. The hard copy tests will be provided to the employer as a record of results and a tool for ongoing training needs. The company will also receive a “Certificate of Attendance” for each employee.

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