Mazzella is proud to offer training to fill the needs of many of our industrial customers, our Crane Operator Course!

If you require a specific training course for OSHA compliance, Mazzella can assist you in creating a safe and reliable workspace. This class fits in as an integral part of an employer’s program to educate its employees in the safe operation of industrial overhead cranes.

This course is our introduction into crane types, crane components, and safe overhead crane operation and techniques. Mazzella and ITI can also help you with many additional courses from cranes, rigging, lift planning and rigging engineering, including NCCCO Certification.

ITI Certified Training Callout

Overhead Crane Operator Training Course:

Crane Types and Applications

Become familiar with different types of overhead cranes and crane applications.

Crane Classifications and Operator Qualification

Identify overhead crane classifications and define the minimum qualifications and requirements of a crane operator.

Crane Components and Controllers

Identify and explain the function of all major crane components and assemblies.

Pre-Use Inspections

Perform and document the daily crane inspection procedure required by OSHA.

Crane Functions

Determine how to safely operate an overhead crane controller.

General Operating Practices

Review safe overhead crane operation techniques.

Crane Limitations

Identify general overhead crane operation safety considerations.

Signal and Radio Communication

Identify the appropriate overhead crane hand signals to communicate with a crane operator nonverbally. Identify general safety considerations for radio communications during crane operation.

Crane Operator Responsibilities

Identify overhead crane operator responsibilities and attributes and verify pre-lift overhead crane circle of operation steps.

Crane Incidents

Identify proper operating methods as recommended by the crane manufacturer and/or industry best practices.

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