Do you need a signalperson training course that is flexible and available in the classroom, jobsite, or remote?

If you require a specific training course for OSHA compliance, Mazzella can assist you in creating a safe and reliable workspace. This course is our introduction to signaling for Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, and Overhead Cranes. Mazzella and ITI can also help you with many additional courses from cranes, rigging, lift planning and rigging engineering, including NCCCO Certification.

All Mazzella trainers have been accredited by our company through training by a third party training company (Industrial Training International, Inc.), Mazzella’s internal training program, and are trained on OSHA and ASME standards.

ITI Certified Training Callout

Signalperson Training Course:

General Knowledge

  • Different types of cranes based on their physical characteristics, capabilities, and capacities.
  • Conditions that reduce a crane’s capacity, such as load radius, crane configuration, quadrants of operation, side loading, and dynamic loading.
  • General safety considerations related to crane operations.

Hand Signals

  • Federal regulations and safety considerations for signalpersons.
  • Identify standard hand signals for safe operation of mobile cranes, overhead and gantry cranes, and tower cranes.

Voice Signals and Other Audible Signals

  • Identify verbal signals for safe operations of a crane.
  • Identify safety considerations relations to crane operations and proximity to power lines.

Hoisting Personnel

  • Identify safety considerations related to hoisting personnel.

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