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Rouster is a leading supplier of high performance synthetic ropes (HMPE), wire rope and chain slings. We also provide quality nylon and polyester web slings. We carry wire rope and chain lifting and rigging products and accessories. Rouster provides training, sling and hardware inspections, sling repair (on and offsite), pull testing (on and offsite), load cell testing and wireline sheave inspection / recertification. Some of the major market segments we serve are Heavy Lifting, Mining, Oilfield / Gas, Utilities, River Trade and General Industry.

Rouster Lifting & Rigging is a Mazzella Company.

Mazzella Companies employs more than 400 individuals. Mazzella is one of the largest independently-owned companies in the overhead lifting and rigging industries, and provides “one-stop shopping” for customers.

102 Ridge Street
Beckley, WV 25871
Phone. 304.252.6031
Fax. 304.929.3939


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