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PA6 / PA9-Series Air Pumps

PA6 / PA9-Series Air Pumps

Single-acting | Double-acting

Compact, lightweight and portable

  • Air supply 3-8 bar
  • Easier to operate than a hand pump, giving you the speed you need at an affordable price

PA6 / PA9-Series Air Pumps Specifications

PA17 / 46 / 55-Series Air Pumps

PA17 / 46 / 55-Series Air Pumps

Two speed

Use where air is preferred source of energy

  • Rotary-style air motor

PA17 / 46 / 55-Series Air Pumps Specifications

* Holds pressure in advance position when valve motor is shut off, in return position with motor running. Pump will build pressure when motor is shut off, oil returns to reservoir.

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