Fixed Jaw Adjustable Girder Clamps (SuperClamp)

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SuperClamp Logo Fixed Jaw Adjustable Girder Clamp

These clamps are a practical solution to widespread lifting operations requirements. Ease of application, time and labor saving elements are of economical importance. Safety in application and practical design is what every user requires. The SUPERCLAMP product integrates all of these factors and makes lifting operations safer and financially rational.

Model: Fixed Jaw Adjustable Girder Clamp
  • One piece adjustable design
  • Used for lifting, pulling or as an anchor point
  • No tools required for mounting / removal
  • Integrated lifting shackle
  • Positive Grip left / right threaded adjusting bar
  • Designed with maximum safe jaw grip adjustment
  • For use at up to 15° from vertical
  • Approved for Personnel tie-off use (contact your Lifting Specialist for additional information)

Model: Fixed Jaw Adjustable Girder Clamp Specifications

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All brands and capacities… including, but not limited to: Renfroe, The Crosby Group, Campbell, CM, SuperClamp and Terrier.

Contact your local Lifting Specialist to arrange for pick-up of your lifting clamps for inspection and/or repair!

All brands and capacities… Lifting


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