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2-2 | Web Sling ID Tag Requirements

Per ASME B30.9 …

Each synthetic web sling shall be marked by the manufacturer to include:

  • Name or trademark of the manufacturer, or if repaired, the entity performing the repair
  • Manufacturer’s code or stock number
  • Rated load for at least one hitch type and the angle at which it is based
  • Type of synthetic web material
  • Number of legs, if more than one
Synthetic Web Sling Identification Tagging Requirement

It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the sling identification—ensuring the tag or identification is still in place and is still legible during the life of the sling. If the identification tag is missing or illegible, it is the responsibility of the inspector to remove the sling from service.

At Mazzella Companies, all of our web slings are sent out the door with our duraKlear™ identification tags. These tags have printing on the inside of the clear durable tag to protect the lettering and can easily be wiped clean.

The duraKlear™ tag offers the following benefits:

  • Lettering remains legible for life of the sling
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Dirt, oil, and grease can easily be wiped off
  • Easily inspect the webbing material under the tag
  • Tag comes with UV inhibitors
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