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Best Fit, Misconceptions, & Repairability of Crosby Straightpoint Load Cells

In part two of this series, Aaron Orsak from The Crosby Group joins us on the Lifting & Rigging Channel to break down the best fit, misconceptions, and repairability of Crosby Straightpoint load cells.

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In this video:

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Other types of load monitoring systems
2:06 – How much training is required for use
3:18 – Best fit applications for load cells
5:12 – Bad fit applications for load cells
7:37 – Common problems with load cells
11:11 – Common misconceptions with load cells
12:29 – Maintenance and repairability of load cells
14:59 – Where to learn more about Straightpoint load cells
15:48 – Closing

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