Buying an overhead crane is a large investment, so let’s cover the 5 common problems with overhead cranes and how you can avoid them.

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In this video, we cover:
► Five common problems with an overhead crane
► Damaged wire rope (0:23)
► Crane skew and alignment issues (1:03)
► Excessive wear to end truck wheels (1:44)
► Electrification system issues (2:22)
► Bent or damaged hooks (2:51)

We also cover:
► Four things you can do to avoid those common problems
► Use overhead crane at specified capacity (3:32)
► Consider environmental hazards (4:08)
► Have your overhead crane inspected regularly (4:48)
► Follow manufacturers recommendations for service and maintenance (5:12)
► Wrapping it up (3:22)

If you are considering replacing your overhead crane system, you might want to check out this e-book we put together on upgrades and modernizations. An upgrade might save you a lot of money in place of a new replacement overhead crane system.

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