In this video, we break down what you should know before buying an overhead crane system.

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Take our online Cranes 101 course

Design your own overhead crane system

Compare multiple overhead crane quotes with this tool

Ask a few questions by contacting our Crane Division

Get your cranes back online by contacting our Crane Service Division.

In this video:

► Intro 0:00

► Overhead cranes are uniquely designed for your business 0:31

► How to determine your CMAA service class 0:57

► Buying a used overhead crane can help cut costs and lead time 1:14

► Financing your crane can help control cash flow 1:50

► Compare multiple crane quotes to see a range of lifting options 2:10

► Do your research to avoid hidden costs 2:43

► Use resources and specialists to help you along the way 3:14

► Take the cranes101 course here at 3:36

► Design your own overhead crane with our online crane configurator 3:48

► Compare overhead crane quotes with our comparison tool 4:11

► Closing 4:20

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