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What are the Hidden Costs of Owning an Overhead Crane?

You might have a couple of quotes in front of you that lay out the basic components and pricing of an overhead crane system. Most big purchases are accompanied by hidden costs and unfortunately, overhead crane systems are no different.

In this video, Devon McCarty and Mike Close from Mazzella’s Cleveland branch are joined by Todd Wall and Matt McDonald from Bartow, Florida to break down the hidden costs of owning an overhead crane system.

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In this video, we cover:
► What are the common unseen costs of buying an overhead crane? (1:54)
► Should I provide building blueprints for my overhead crane manufacturer (3:27)
► Should my overhead crane manufacturer take part in the building design? (5:20)

We also cover:
► Can I use my overhead crane for the building’s installation? (7:47)
► How does building access affect the cost of an overhead crane? (10:09)
► What if something goes wrong during the overhead crane installation? (18:56)

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