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How To Properly Fit and Inspect an Ultra-Safe Pillow-Flex Harness

In this video, we teach you how to adjust and properly fit an Ultra-Safe Pillow-Flex Harness.

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In this video, we cover:
     ► The importance of adjusting your pivot point (0:36)
     ► Different adjustment points on an Ultra-Safe Harness (1:19)
     ► Does one harness size fit every body type? (2:42)
     ► Demonstration: How to adjust your Ultra-Safe Harness (3:19)

We also cover:
     ► How to adjust your Ultra-Safe side / pivot Strap (3:49)
     ► How to adjust your Ultra-Safe leg straps (4:06)
     ► How to adjust Your Ultra-Safe Pillow-Flex chest strap (4:52)
     ► Why your fall protection harness chest strap matters (5:02)

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