Top 10 Questions About Fall Protection Equipment

In 2017, OSHA made it mandatory for employers to provide training in fall protection to their employees working near fall hazards. In this video, we highlight the top 10 questions about fall protection equipment, that we get asked before providing training or solutions.

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In this video, we cover:
► Do I really need fall protection? (0:06)
► Is a fall protection system worth the cost? (0:29)
► Are there times when I don’t need fall protection? (0:50)
► How long should my fall protection equipment last? (1:02)
► What is the best way to extend the life of a harness? (1:38)
► Does a ladder with a cage meet OSHA’s fall protection requirements? (1:52)
► Is it possible to conceal my fall protection system? (2:19)
► After a fall, what parts of the system need to be inspected and replaced? (2:45)
► Do you offer outdoor fall protection systems? (3:20)
► Are fall protection harnesses one-size-fits-all? (4:20)

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