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We provide basic lifting and rigging training to any class size or jobsite!

If you require a specific training course for OSHA compliance for slings, hoists and/or rigging hardware, Mazzella can assist you in creating a safe and reliable workplace. All Mazzella Companies trainers have been accredited by our company through training by a third party training company (Industrial Training International, Inc.), Mazzella Companies’ internal Train the Trainer program, and are trained on OSHA and ASME standards.

Mazzella Training Modules:

Terms, Risk, Rigging Technique & Rigging Plan
  • Common Terms used in Rigging like Working Load Limit (WLL), Certificate of Test, Ultimate Strength, Design Factor, Center of Gravity
  • What types of “Risk” will be encountered? Identification (includes examples) & How to Manage Risk
  • Common Rigging Problems (class participation to identify and evaluate rigging technique based on examples)
  • Regulations & Standards that govern the Lifting & Rigging industry
  • Creation of a Basic Rigging Plan
Plan Every Lift
  • Who is responsible (competent) for the rigging?
  • Is equipment in acceptable condition?
  • Is Working Load Limit (WLL) adequate?
  • Evaluating the load
  • Sling protection – Types and Techniques
Rigging Technique
  • Sling Angles and their effect on Working Load Limit
  • Sling Capacity Charts
  • Will the load be under control (Center of Gravity – COG)?
  • Appropriate Hitch & Taglines
  • Fouling and keeping clear of the load – “The Fall Zone” where not to stand – “45 degree Rule of Thumb”
  • Suspended Loads and how to unhook safely
  • Environmental conditions to consider
Hardware: Care, Use & Inspection
  • Inspection Frequency
  • Causes for removal of Hardware during inspection
  • Fittings and Wire Rope Terminations
  • Class participation on sample inspections
Wire Rope: Care, Use & Inspection
  • Components of Wire Rope
  • Causes for Wire Rope Sling removal during inspection
  • ASME B30.9 Wire Rope Sling removal criteria
  • Reverse and severe bending of Wire Rope Slings
  • Securing unused legs of slings
Chain Sling: Care, Use & Inspection
  • Causes for Chain Sling removal during inspection
  • Identification tags
  • Typical abuses of Chain Slings
Web Sling & Round Sling: Care, Use & Inspection
  • Common types of Synthetic Slings
  • Web Sling tags
  • Benefits of duraKlear tag (referencing ASME B30.9)
  • Causes for Web Sling removal during inspection
  • Causes for Round Sling removal during inspection
  • Twin Path Sling & Benefits
  • Visual examples of out of service Synthetic Slings
Hooks, Shackles, Eyebolts & Hoist Rings
  • Hooks:
    - Types of hoist & swiveling hooks
    - Effect of loads on standard eye hook capacity (tip loading)
    - Improper loading of hooks
    - Fouling of latches
    - Included Angle – Hoist Hooks
    - Multiple Leg Slings – Hoist Hooks
    - Purpose of the Latch & Requirements
  • Shackles:
    - Types of Shackles
    - Pin Security of Shackles
    - Shackle as a Collector Ring
    - Side Loading of Shackles
    - Point Loading of Shackles
    - Connection of Slings to Shackles
    - “Special” Types of Shackles
    - Shackle Placement on Hooks
    - Shackle Orientation, Alignment & Links
  • Eyebolts:
    - Types of Eyebolts
    - Rigging Practice of Eyebolts
    - Proper Installation & Loading of Eyebolts
  • Hoist Rings:
    - Types of Hoist Rings
    - Rigging Practice of Hoist Rings
    - Hoist Ring Inspection
    - Alignment and Connection of Hoist Rings
    - Discussion of Improper & Proper Use of Hooks & Shackles
Load Control
  • Consideration of Controlled Loads
  • Center of Gravity – COG and Load Stability
  • Selecting Slings & Hitches for Load Control
  • Discuss Proper & Poor Load Control (Examples)
Safe Design & Use of Custom Made B-T-H Lifting Devices
  • What is a Below-the-Hook (BTH) Lifting Device (referencing ASME B30.20)
  • Types of BTH Devices
  • Examples of “Traditional Devices”
  • Examples of “Homemade Devices”
  • Types Lifting Tongs, Spreader Beams & Variations, Pallet Lifters, Coil Handling, Die Handling, Sheet Handling & Special Devices
  • Components & Definitions of ASME B30.20 & ASME BTH-1 Standards
  • Inspection of BTH Lifting Devices
  • Maintenance of BTH Lifting Devices
  • Training of BTH Device Operator
Indoor Cranes - Safe Lifting Operations
  • Leading Causes of Accidents
  • Common Types of Overhead Cranes
  • Pre-operation Inspection/Daily ASME Inspection
  • What to do if crane fails pre-operation or daily inspection?
  • Vertical Lifts and Side Pulling
  • Lifting & Moving of a Load
  • When Crane is Not in Use?
  • The “Don’ts” of Overhead Crane Operation

Lifting U Training Services for Fall Protection

Lifting U Training Services for Lifting & Rigging

Mazzella Companies employs three "Top Trainer" award winners.

Ask The Experts Playlist:

Tune in to the Ask The Experts series to hear from some of our experts about frequently asked questions in the lifting and rigging industry!

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