Crosby Grade 100 S-1327 Eye Sling Hook

  • Forged Alloy Steel – Quenched and Tempered.
  • Each hook has a Product Identification Code (PIC) for material traceability, along with the size and the name Crosby & U.S.A. in raised letters.
  • 25% stronger than Grade 80.
  • Engineered Flat for use with S-1325A coupler link.
  • Eye Sling hooks incorporate two types of strategically placed markings forged into the product which address two (2) QUIC-CHECK® features: Deformation Indicators and Angle Indicators.
  • Low profile hook tip.
  • Utilizes S-4320 integrated latch which meets the world standard for lifting.
    – Heavy duty stamped latch interlocks with the hook tip.
    – High cycle, long life spring.
    – When secured with the proper cotter pin through the hole in the tip of hook, meets the intent of OSHA Rule 1926.1431(g) and 1926.1501(g) for personnel lifting.
  • Individually Proof Tested to 2-1/2 times the Working Load Limit with certification.
  • Suitable for use with Grade 100 and Grade 80 chain.
  • Fatigue rated at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit at 20,000 cycles.
  • Look for the Platinum Color – Crosby Grade 100 Alloy Products.


Grade 100 S-1327 Eye Sling Hook Diagram

Grade 100 S-1327 Eye Sling Hook Specs 1

Grade 100 S-1327 Eye Sling Hook Specs 2

* Ultimate Load is 4 times the Working Load Limit.


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