Intermediate Fall Protection Course (6 – 8 Hours)

  • 6-8 hour in person course
  • On-site training available
  • Covers fall protection methods, plans, requirements, applications and definitions.
  • Price per person


  • Course will cover fall protection methods, fall protection plans, the hierarchy of fall protection as it relates to specific project challenges.
  • Course will cover scope, application, and definitions to OSHA subpart 1926.500(a)(1) CFR and 1910.28(1)(a).
  • Will also cover requirements relating to workers performing tasks at heights that require specific or specialized equipment. Examples include: erection of tanks, broadcast towers, etc.
  • Course is designed to target specific industries where employees of the company may be new to that industry and need fall protection training specific to that industry.
  • Will cover typical scaffold and swing stage set-up, dismantle, and the inherent hazards of each in construction and general industry.
  • This course is ideal for new hires in the construction or industrial trades.

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