MG-MHB Series LED Light

Ultra High Efficient

The MG-MHB Series of LED lighting is our newest generation of LED fixtures specifically created for high bay and low bay applications. This series of LED lights is an ultra-efficient, cost-effective solution to deliver MASSIVE energy savings, while virtually eliminating maintenance. The MG-MHB lights are ideal for industrial, commercial, and retail applications where reliability and performance are a necessity.



Designed and manufactured using the highest quality components, EcoZohm lights are manufactured to perform in even the harshest of environments.

  • Lumen Output:  15,000 to 48,685 Lumens
  • Lens:  Various
  • Color Temperature:  Std. 5,000K (Optional Range Between 2,400 – 6,000k)
  • Voltage Range:  Std. 110-277V (Optional 480V)
  • Working Temperature:  -40°C to 70°C
  • Housing Material:  Aluminum
  • Warranty:  5 Years
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