Nicopress No. 64-CGMP Cutter Tool with Cable Cutter

  • Tool Length: 20″
  • Actual Weight: 5-1/2 pounds


The Nicopress 64-CGMP/Cutter Tool combines two important functions…cable cutting and oval sleeve pressing.

The 64-CGMP/Cutter Tool eliminates the handling of two separate tools. Engineered for field conditions, this tool is made from drop-forged alloy steel; the working surfaces are heat treated and specially hardened. Toggle action provides high mechanical force and results in low cutting effort. Cutting blades can be reversed for long useful life. This versatile field and shop tool cuts mechanical cable sizes up thru 7/32″.

The 64-CGMP/Cutter Tool presses Nicopress Oval Sleeves 1/16″ (C), 3/32″ (G), 1/8″ (M) and 5/32″ (P). In addition, the 1/16″ stop sleeve can be pressed with the C groove.

This tool cuts mechanical steel cable as large as 7/32″, the cutting surfaces surround and support the cable while it is being cut. There are no frayed cable ends and cable cuts are clean and round.


Cuts Cable

The very low cutting effort is required to cut mechanical steel cable up thru 7/32″. Hardened cutter blades surround and support the cable during the cutting action, which results in round, clean-cut cable ends.


Eye Splices Cable

This single tool will cut and eye splice steel cable, eliminating the need for two separate tools. The 64-CGMP/Cutter Tool eye splices four cable sizes—1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″ and 5/32″.


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