Peerless Accoloy® Standard Magnet Chains & Assemblies

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Accoloy® Standard Magnet Chains

Accoloy® Standard Magnet Chains & Assemblies Diagram

Stock #Chain SizeMaster Link Dimensions (Inches)Sublink Dimensions (Inches)*Reach
(5 Links)
Magnet Dia.Lbs.
Per Each
Working Load Limit (Lbs.) *
@ 60º
5373010005/8161.7506.00010.0000.8752.2505.50030.625up to 404647,000
5373012003/4202.0006.00010.0001.0002.5006.00034.000up to 456673,500
5373014007/8222.2506.50011-1/21.0002.5006.00036.875up to 489088,900
5373016001262.2506.50011-1/21.2503.0007.00040.000up to 60122123,900
5373020001-1/4322.5006.50012-3/41.5003.0007.00045.50060 and over194187,800

* WARNING: Working load limit is not to be exceeded.


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