RUD VLBG Load Ring Bolted

Will Turn 360°

Complies with the machinery directives 2006/42/EG
  • RUD Universal bolts and nuts for VLBG – 100% crack detected.
  • The hex-head-bolt is suitable for internal and external wrench mounting for types with metric threads.
  • Surface protection: CORRUD – DT – at least 20 times better corrosion protection than zinc plating (except for the spot face) after length shortening.
  • Thread over whole bolting length “H”.
  • Bolt is held captive in the body. Replace only with the same quality class bolt.


  • Clear identification at the bolt head: RUD, thread size, quality class.
  • The load ring must be installed perpendicular to the workpiece. The workpiece must be flat, providing complete contact for the load ring bushing.
  • Load ring has to be adjusted in pull direction, free to move and must not support on edges.
  • Use according to user instructions and by trained persons.
  • The lifting attachment must be free to move when attached to the load ring.
  • Regular inspections should be carried out by a competent person (BGR 500).
  • Load should not be turned during lifting.

VLBG Load Ring Bolted

VLBG Load Ring Bolted Specs

VLBG Load Ring will turn 360°, adjustable in pull direction. Load ring foldable, full WLL in any load direction, surface pink powder coated.

BG = German Employers Requires: The max. lengths of the RUD – bolts are adjusted in such a way that if a hex-head-shaped nut (DIN EN ISO 7042) is used, assemblies of material thickness of approximately 8 *M (for M8 – M30) and 5 *M for (M36 – M48) can be realized respectively.

Attention: Refer to RUD user instructions.

The WLL (Working Load Limit) is listed at the nominal value (worst case scenario) unless otherwise specified.


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