Schmalz Vacuum Tube Lifter—Jumbo

Construction, Functions and Performance of the Tube Lifter Jumbo


  • The load is gripped and lifted by a single medium, namely vacuum.
  • A modular system of variable basic components which can be combined in many different ways permits simple adaptation of the unit to meet individual requirements.


  • A quick-acting non-return valve and the large area of the suction pad(s) ensure that the load is not dropped—even if the electric power or the compressed-air supply fails.
  • The design complies with the German accident prevention regulations (BGR/BGV 500).


  • Compliance with the latest ergonomic considerations ensures that the use of the Jumbo does not endanger the health of the user.
  • Operation as for JumboErgo
  • Ergonomic handling of loads at great heights or for picking up from the floor


The vacuum tube lifter JumboErgo is equipped with a special rotary handle similar to the gas handle on a motorcycle.

Both lightweight and heavy loads can be handled quickly and sensitively with this control element. The workpiece is lowered by “accelerating” and lifted by “decelerating”. The rotation and direction of rotation avoid uncontrolled movements with the lifting device—for example, if the operator slips off the control unit.

At the same time, the tube lifter JumboErgo guarantees ergonomic posture at every working height. The movable handlebar permits ergonomic picking of loads at large heights or directly from the floor.

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