Slingmax Tri-Flex® System: 3-Part / 9-Part / 27-Part Wire Rope Slings

Tri-Flex® Wire Rope Slings provide the best combination of strength and flexibility.

Because of the Tri-Flex® sling construction, there is a large savings in material and machine costs in the larger sizes. This, combined with ease of use, makes Tri-Flex® Wire Rope Slings the slings for smart buyers.

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  • One Tri-Flex® Sling is a complete sling with 3 parts for flexibility.
  • 9-Part Tri-Flex® Slings break into 3-part standard Tri-Flex® Slings.
  • 27-Part Tri-Flex® Slings break into three 9-part slings or nine 3-part slings.

3-Part / 9-Part / 27-Part Tri-Flex® System Specs

Rated load in tons.


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