Slingmax® Twin-Path® Sparkeater Slings

The Sparkeater® sling (SE) is the sling to use when the job site is in a hot environment (up to 300°F or 150°C). These slings are made with high-temperature core yarns and a high temperature cover. Sparkeater® slings, as with all Twin-Path® slings, come with an inner red cover that provides an early warning for damage, as well as the patented Check-Fast® Inspection System.

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Check-Fast® Inspection System

The Check-Fast® Inspection System is designed to improve job site safety. The Check-Fast® External Warning Indicator (EWI) provides a criteria for pass/fail inspection when the internal load-bearing core yarn may be damaged. The Check-Fast® Inspection System can also indicates ultraviolet (UV) light degradation, fiber-on-fiber abrasion, fatigue, and severe overload. If the sling is overloaded beyond its rated capacity, the EWI is designed to retract before the sling fails. The sling inspector now has an objective “GO/NO-GO” inspection device rather than relying on subjective and labor-intensive inspection techniques to guess if the load-bearing core yarns are in good condition.

Twin-Path Go / No-Go Indicator

Twin-Path Sparkeater Sling / Jacket & Tag

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Sling-Max Roundsling Warning


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