Tecnomagnete Portable Lifting Magnets—MaxX® Energy / MaxX® TG

Through a qualitative selection of top grade energy magnets and further optimization of the tolerances between the stator and the rotor, it is possible to achieve a “Plus” for the model MaxX 250 a MaxX 500.

MaxX TG was conceived to meet the demand for handling thinner steel loads in a safe and efficient way.

The special design of the polar surface, together with the proper balancing of the magnetic masses located in the stator and in the rotor, allows it to get the magnetic flux concentrated in a shorter distance.

The rotation of the handle remains easy while keeping the high characteristics of uniform magnetic strength all over the contact area.

MaxX TG makes it possible to de-stack plates starting from a .2″ thickness using 2 lifters with MFB beam.

With the same size and weight, these models will give 20% more performance, thus being labeled MaxX 300 and MaxX 600 “Energy version.

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