Teufelberger Evolution TK16 Plus

The optimized steel wire rope Evolution TK16 Plus features very high breaking forces and is therefore perfectly suited for the most challenging operations in the field of construction.


  • Ordinary lay or Lang’s lay, right or left lay
  • 8 – 30 mm: 16 x K6-EPIWRC (K), RCN 23-1
  • 32 – 42 mm: 16 x K7-EPIWRC (K), RCN 23-2
  • Multilayer spooling

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EVOLUTION TK16 Plus is a rotation resistant high performance steel wire rope that is hard to surpass in terms of breaking forces in the 1960 tensile grade-class. The consistent and systematic further development and improvement of the production processes involved at Teufelberger ensure particularly tight manufacturing tolerances.

Benefits of Evolution TK16 PLUS:

  • Highest breaking forces due to optimization of the rope construction and manufacturing parameters
  • Extremely resistant to external environmental influences and the ingress of dirt due to PLASTFILL® insert resulting in a perfect lubrication of the inner rope
  • Excellent spooling characteristics due to highest dimensional stability under lateral pressure even in multilayer spooling use
  • Long service life even in case of shock loads due to the 4-strand design of the inner rope




Family-owned TEUFELBERGER is a diversified, international group successfully specializing in fiber ropes, steel wire ropes and strapping. Innovation, steady growth, and geographic expansion are firmly defined goals in the group strategy. Under its roof, TEUFELBERGER harbors a wealth of technologies which it utilizes to manufacture its product solutions. Today, its vast product portfolio includes steel wire ropes for ropeways, cranes, and forestry work, synthetic fiber ropes for yachting, fall protection, tree care, and industrial applications, as well as strapping to secure cargo in transport.
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