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Bethlehem / Paulsen Wire Rope Logo Specialized Wire Ropes: Super-PAC

  • Strands: 6
  • Wires per strand: 26/31
  • Core: IWRC
  • Standard grade(s): Royal Purple Plus
  • Lay: Right Regular
  • Finish: Bright
SUPER-PAC is a double compacted product ideal for applications where abrasion and drum crushing are an issue. When compared with standard ropes,

SUPER-PAC provides:

Better Resistance to Multi-layer Drum Crushing. SUPER-PAC dramatically reduces the damage at cross over points on smooth face drums, such as those found on many boom hoist systems on mobile cranes. This is achieved by compaction of the strands and the rope, making a tough but flexible product.

Abrasion Resistance. The compaction process also increases the contact between the rope and the drum and sheaves, reducing sheave and drum wear.

Super Strength. The double compaction process also increases the minimum breaking strength of standard EIP rope more than 20%.

Superior Fatigue Resistance. SUPER-PAC is engineered for overall performance, its wire tensile strength being the key to its superior fatigue resistant properties. In addition to contribution to SUPER-PAC’s EEEIP breaking strength, the wire used in the manufacture of SUPER-PAC remains ductile, minimizing the occurrences of external and internal wire breaks caused by operating stresses.

Application. SUPER-PAC is ideal for all types of boom hoist and lowering ropes.

Specialized Wire Ropes: Super-PAC Specifications

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