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Announcing The Lifting & Rigging Channel for Material Handling

We officially announce the newly branded The Lifting & Rigging Channel, recap our favorite projects from 2019, and forecast some projects in 2020.

We’re excited to announce The Lifting & Rigging Channel, which will serve as the new home base for all of the educational videos we make for the material handling industry.

For the last several years, the videos we created lived on the Mazzella Companies’ YouTube Channel. We made the switch to the Lifting & Rigging Channel because we wanted its name to better reflect its purpose: to provide relevant and helpful lifting and rigging videos to the material handling industry.

What Does This Mean for You?

Announcing The Lifting & Rigging Channel: Logo

It means that if you have bookmarked or copied a link to our previous Mazzella Companies YouTube channel page, that link won’t work anymore. But, fear not because all you need to do is copy (or click) the following link https://www.youtube.com/c/theliftingandriggingchannel and paste it into your favorite web browser, then bookmark it using Ctrl+D or Cmd+D.

The good news is that if you’ve saved or bookmarked any of our individual videos, they’ll still redirect to the new YouTube channel without you needing to do anything.

A Recap of 2019

In the video we posted above, you’ll see the announcement but also an outline of some of the more significant projects we tackled throughout 2019:

Online Sling Inspection Course

Announcing The Lifting & Rigging Channel: Sling Inspection Course

We launched a new Sling Inspection Course that serves a place where riggers, construction workers, safety personnel, or anyone that handles a lifting sling, can deepen their understanding of the ASME B30.9 Sling standards and the criteria to remove it from service.

Mazzella Case Studies

Announcing The Lifting & Rigging Channel: Case Study

What we say about us is nowhere near as valuable as what our customers say about us. For that reason, we also recommend you take a look at some of our case study videos. We travel to steel and aluminum mills to see the various ways we handle fall protection for their workers at height. We also got the chance to work with a few NASA engineers (yes, that NASA) on a project focused around storing fuel on the surface of Mars. Plus, we travel to an oil rig in Vici, Oklahoma, to see how a busted sand line gets replaced.

“Ask The Experts” Video Series

Announcing The Lifting & Rigging Channel: Ask the Experts

We also launched a series called “Ask the Experts” where our engineers, riggers, lifting specialists, inspectors, and trainers offer answers to the questions our customers submit both in-person and online. If you have a question, submit them to AskTheExperts@mazzellacompanies.com, or drop them in the comments section of any of our videos you’re watching and we’ll work on getting them answered.

Fall Protection Video Series

Announcing The Lifting & Rigging Channel: Fall Protection

Last but not least, we kicked off 2019 with a series focused on Personal Fall Protection. Having access to safety equipment is just as important as understanding its intended use. So, we put this series together to help take users through the fundamentals of personal fall protection systems.

So, What’s Ahead on The Lifting & Rigging Channel in 2020?

Announcing The Lifting & Rigging Channel: Rigging Basics

We’ll continue releasing new videos from our sling inspection series. Visual demonstrations are essential, but the full course over at LiftingU.com has multiple sections spread throughout the course to give a deeper understanding of the most common types of lifting slings, including:

  • Wire rope
  • Alloy chain
  • Synthetic web
  • Synthetic roundsling
  • High-Performance roundsling
  • Metal Mesh
  • Synthetic rope

In February 2020, we’ll begin a Rigging Basics series of videos covering the components, terminology, and design of the common lifting slings you would find on a job site.

Beyond that, we’ve got plans to look at overhead crane operator training, load calculation tutorials, and a few other videos you’ll want to check out when we launch it.

We appreciate those that joined our channel when we launched in 2014. We also welcome those of you that joined us along the way. We look forward to continuing to provide relevant and helpful resources for all of the incredible people in the material handling industry. This blog and The Lifting & Rigging Channel wouldn’t exist without you!

From all of us at Mazzella, thank you for your continued support and viewership!

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