The Best Crane Rope and Wire Rope Suppliers in Florida

Wire rope companies who supply Florida—including Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, and Pompano Beach.

The Best Crane Rope and Wire Rope Suppliers in Florida: Best Florida Wire Rope Suppliers
Are you looking for a local Florida supplier that provides replacement OEM crane rope or wire rope for your lifting or construction project? Maybe you need a high-performance crane rope for a drilling rig, mobile crane, or for an overhead crane in your production facility. It can be challenging to find a wire rope supplier in the Florida area who is responsive and can get you a replacement OEM rope or crane cable in a timely and efficient manner. We all know how costly equipment downtime can be, which is why you need a partner that carries all of the major wire rope types and can get you the replacement wire rope you need to get your crane or rig back up and running. At Mazzella Lifting Technologies (Lakeland), we stock a large inventory of high-performance crane rope and wire rope available for immediate delivery to locations across all of Florida. We stock both domestic and non-domestic products ready for same or next-day shipment, including:
  • Bridon
  • Tuefelberger
  • WireCo
  • Bethlehem
  • WRI
  • Casar
  • Python
Mazzella Lifting Technologies is a leading supplier of OEM wire rope and crane ropes for construction, contractors, and mobile crane equipment in the Florida marketplace. We’re located in Lakeland, FL—approximately 30 miles east of downtown Tampa and right off of FL-570 Polk Parkway and I-4. We service Tampa / St. Petersburg, Kissimmee, Orlando, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Miami, Pompano Beach, and the greater Florida area. We understand how loss of production and equipment downtime can affect your bottom line. We’re often asked by customers, “If I don’t get the wire rope or crane rope that I need from you, who else would you recommend?”That’s why we put together this list of the best crane rope and wire rope suppliers in Florida. We want to always be a resource for our customers and help them keep their production or construction processes moving forward in the event that their critical crane equipment goes down.

The Best High-Performance Crane Rope & Wire Rope Suppliers in Florida

The Best Crane Rope and Wire Rope Suppliers in Florida: Florida Wire Rope Suppliers
Read on for a list of companies that have a solid reputation and a history of providing wire rope and rigging supplies in the state of Florida:

American TT&R, Inc.

Location(s): TampaInsights: American TT&R, Inc. is a supplier and distributor of chain, wire rope, tarps, tie downs, and lifting and securing rigging products. American TT&R, Inc. specializes in personal service, problem solving, and hard to find rigging.Products:
  • Imported and Domestic Chain and Chain Assemblies
  • Imported and Domestic Wire Rope
  • Stud Link Anchor Chain
  • Steamboat Ratchets
  • Lifting Clamps
  • Wire Mesh Slings
  • Towing Shackles
  • Synthetic Rope
  • Tarps
  • Hoists
  • Rigging Hardware

Certified Slings & Supply

Location(s): Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm BeachInsights: Certified Slings & Supply manufacturers and distributes slings and rigging products, along with providing engineering and design services. It also offers rigging inspection, testing, and repair services and has been in business since 1958.Products:
  • Boat Slings
  • Bubba Rope
  • Cargo Control
  • Cordage
  • Fall Protection
  • Lifting Slings
  • Theatrical Rigging and Supplies
  • Hoist and Lifting Products
  • Tower Rigging Products
  • Wire Rope


Location(s): Clearwater, Jacksonville, Orlando, Pompano BeachInsights: CERTEX USA distributes lifting products and services to the lifting and material handling industries. CERTEX USA specializes in all areas below including hook lifting products, rigging supplies and lifting devices. They also offer rigging inspections and fall protection and rescue training.