7 | Overhead Crane Ownership

Are you looking to buy an overhead crane? While you work your way through each lesson of Cranes 101, our Crane Configurator tool is helping you design the specifications and requirements for a new overhead crane system. Review the answers you provide and confirm everything is accurate.

When everything looks good, simply click and submit and we'll send you along to the next lesson. Once you complete the Cranes 101 course, you can review the full configuration of your overhead crane system and email a copy to yourself to keep on hand for a future crane consultation!

As you head into the final lesson of this course, it's important to understand the other costs associated with overhead crane ownership. An overhead crane can be a significant investment—it’s a piece of capital equipment that will improve your production processes, and if properly specified and maintained, can stay in service for a long time. With that being said, if it isn’t properly designed for your application, or you purchase solely based on price, you may run into problems down the road.

In this lesson, we’ll help you identify some of the pitfalls and hidden costs associated with overhead crane ownership and how you can properly budget for training, inspection, and maintenance requirements down the road.

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