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Use this table as a guide to determine which Peerless/ACCO chain size and leg styles are best for your requirements. Using the maximum load (or loads) you will lift, and the angle of lift required work to the left across this table to determine proper chain size for your sling. Working load limit of the chain and components is established as pounds applied at the indicated degrees from horizontal.

The rated capacity of the sling must be based on the smallest horizontal angle. For angles not shown, use the next lower angle or have a qualified person calculate the rated load for the new angle. When using hooks in a shortening (grab) or choker application, the working load limit (WLL) of the sling must be reduced by 20%. The Grade 100 Shortening Grab Hooks require no reduction in WLL.

Chain Sling Working Load Limit Specifications: Chart
Warnings Graphic

DO NOT load an assembly in excess of the rated working load limits in the chart above.
DO NOT put an unequal load on one leg of a sling. Distribute the load evenly.
DO NOT expose assembly to impact, rapid lifts or sudden stops.
DO NOT tie knots or allow chains to become twisted.
DO NOT use chain that appears to be defective, worn or damaged.
DO NOT fasten chain over sharp corners or edges. Protect with padding.
DO NOT tip load hooks. The latch must NEVER support the load.

When using non-cradle or non-shortening grab hooks in a shortening or choker application, the working load limit (WLL) of the sling must be reduced by 20%.

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