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Basic Rigging Questions and Terms Answered and Defined

If you are new to the rigging industry and need to get up to speed fast, this is the video for you. Many terms are second nature to industry veterans, but if you need to become more familiar with the work, this can cause confusion and leave you constantly playing catchup. We’re here to catch you up fast.

If you want more information on these topics, check the links below! Our Learning Center is a great place to build your foundation, learn about cool products, or get updated on the latest industry regulations and standards.


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Shackle Markings Identification Guide


Sling Inspections E-Book: A Guide to Inspections & Applicable Standards


Lifting & Rigging Best Practices Infographic


Rigging Gear Inspection Field Reference


Articles and Videos

What is an Overhead Crane? Definition, Types, & Components


What is a Jib Crane? A Look at the Design, Types, and Components


What is a Gantry Crane? A Closer Look at the Different Types and Design


Different Types of Shackles: Anchor vs. Chain and Screw Pin vs. Bolt Type


Choosing the Best Lifting Sling: Wire Rope vs. Chain. vs. Synthetics


What is a Turnbuckle? A Look at the Types, Parts, Installation, and Uses


Spreader Beams vs. Lifting Beams: Definitions, Differences, and Design


What Are the Different Grades of Chain?


What Are The Different Types of Eye Bolts Used for Overhead Lifts?


Which CMAA Crane Service Classification is Best for Your Business?


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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

0:18 – How to find more in depth answers

0:29 – What is an Overhead Crane?

1:02 – What is a Jib Crane?

1:39 – What is a Gantry Crane?

2:22 – What is a Shackle?

2:54 – What is a Lifting Sling?

3:25 – What is a Turnbuckle?

3:58 – What is a Spreader Bar?

4:44 – What are Chain Grades?

5:27 – What are Eye Bolts?

5:57 – What is Duty Cycle?

7:00 – Learn more from Mazzella

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